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La biblioteca digitale della letteratura italiana>>>Dal sito web
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venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

promemoria... OBLIVION & ...

                                 OBLIVION  - T O M  C R U I S E 

T O M  C R U I S E 

Oblivion soundtrack - credits song (M83 - Oblivion - ft. Susanne Sundfør)


Oblivion 2013 Full Original Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)

Oblivion complete OST

Epic Music & Powerful And Emotional - Hans Zimmer ...

Best Of Epic Music I - Honor And Glory (ft. Lord of the Rings)

Hans Zimmer Greatest Soundtracks Mixed 2012

Hans Zimmer ...Best Of Epic Music ...Amore in tecia ...

Hans Zimmer Greatest Soundtracks Mixed 2012 
My second Hans Zimmer Mix, compiled on Audacity. I tried to fit in many of the requests and a few tracks had to be dropped such as Discombobulate from Sherlock Holmes, Rainman, Spirit and Backdraft. My favourite tracks start and end the mix, Watchful Guardian is what gave me the idea for mixing, it sends shivers down my spine 2mins 54secs in...and Time..well..simply awesome. All credit and original scores by Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt and Patrick Cassidy. Also uploaded to Mixcloud and you can find me on twitter @donohof for DL links/updates/ramblings :)


0:00:05 Watchful Guardian - The Dark Knight

0:04:54 Honor Him - Gladiator

0:06:03 Knight's March - King Arthur

0:07:55 Roll Tide/Eternal Father - Crimson Tide

0:13:38 Drink Up Me Hearties - Pirates Of The Caribbean

0:17:00 Barbarian Horde - Gladiator

0:19:29 Spectres In The Fog - The Last Samurai
0:23:23 Leave No Man Behind - Blackhawk Down
0:27:22 Chevaliers De Sangreal - The Da Vinci Code
0:31:04 Vide Cor Meum - Hannibal (Patrick Cassidy)
0:34:00 Main Theme - The Rock
0:39:54 Epilogue - Crysis 2
0:43:00 Ending Long Version - Modern Warfare 2
0:46:00 Hammerhead - Broken Arrow
0:47:47 Jade - The Rock
0:49:22 End Titles - Driving Miss Daisy
0:54:07 You'Re So Cool - True Romance
0:57:40 The Journey - Kapano Part 3 - Tears Of The Sun
1:02:02 This Land - The Lion King
1:04:51 The Jablonsky Variations On A Theme - Tears Of The Sun
1:08:16 Journey To The Line - The Thin Red Line
1:11:35 A Small Measure Of Peace - The Last Samurai
1:14:59 Injection - Mission Impossible 2
1:19:07 Now We Are Free - Gladiator

1:23:07 Time - Inception

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